Northwest Service Standard #11 Servant’s Heart

Being humble means looking for opportunities to serve one another, to put others first, and to show we truly care. We will strive to do our jobs in such a way that it makes the jobs of others easier.

Part of the Northwest Service Standards is to look for the opportunities to serve those around you and show how much you truly care. Our Laurens, SC service center did just this when they noticed an elderly customer whose lawn needed some yard work done.

good deed team laurens sc

Some of our Laurens’ teammates, Charles M., Glenn M., Cameron W., David W., and David N., took a Saturday morning to assist this customer with some of the yard work they were unable to tend to. The team spent the morning mowing the lawn, taking down trees and limbs, and clearing out some debris. The morning went quickly considering the team worked together!

A key piece to the Northwest Way is honoring our customers, which does not just mean in the service we complete. Our teammates take the time to keep their eyes open for the opportunities to support and help their communities and customers further than “just pest control.” The Northwest Family is truly thankful for the teammates like we have in our Laurens office; they are great representatives for what it means to value people and make a difference in big and small ways.

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