Over the last few months, the Northwest Good Deed team and teammates have been collecting donations for soldiers who are quarantining while coming back into or going out of the United States. When the team found out the quarantine period was 16-20 days, they knew the Northwest team needed to come together to support these men and women who do so much for us daily.

The team began donating care bags for each soldier that comes through Dobbins Air Force Base for quarantine. On January 24th, nearly 150 soldiers were quarantined at the Base. Each received a supply bag and had access to donated gaming systems, puzzles, magazines, and DVD players.

Recently, the team heard from TSgt USAF AFRC 16 IS/Delta Flt Disney, who thanked them for thinking of the soldiers quarantined there. It was such a great moment to receive a card from someone receiving the bags.

The team plans to continue to send supply bags to each group of soldiers at least until June 2021! We are so thankful to Sydney Curtis for being the liaison to the Northwest team and relaying this incredible idea for us to support. The team has really enjoyed collecting and putting these together, and it is a small way we can stay thank you to the servicewomen and men.

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