Something that all of Northwest believes is that honoring our customers begins with honoring our teammates. Valued people desire to value others, so teams are always stepping in to support their teammates through hard times. This is exactly what our LaGrange team did as a local teammate got ready for surgery in early April.

The LaGrange team got together to purchase and donate items to the family while the teammate underwent and recovered from surgery. They made food and purchased personal items and a pizza gift card for the family to use! The team’s goal was to ensure the teammate was comfortable throughout their recovery and the family could have a few easy dinners for one less thing to worry about.

When we think of supporting our community, we often immediately think of the amazing non-profits, community organizers, and businesses making a difference. While Northwest appreciates and supports many of these, it’s always incredible to recognize that pouring into others begins with pouring into our team. We are thankful for the family-like culture that the LaGrange team has fostered!

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