Your home provides warmth, shelter, and food – three things roaches are in search of this winter season. These pests will easily sneak in and infest your home if there are no preventative measures in place. Check out our top 3 ways to prevent cockroaches from entering your home.

Declutter Your Home

During the day, roaches tend to hide in dark secluded areas until nightfall arrives. By decluttering your home, you eliminate the chance of these pests from hiding out inside and finding items to use for shelter, such as cardboard or newspapers. Instead of using cardboard boxes for storage, switch them out for plastic storage containers. Always recycle and get rid of any old newspapers and unused cardboard boxes.

Seal Up Your Home

If you can see daylight coming through the outside of a door or window, chances are that cockroaches can get in. Roaches can fit into the smallest cracks or crevices leading inside the home. It’s important to inspect the exterior of your home frequently, always looking along the foundation, roof, attic, or crawlspace vents. If a smaller gap or hole is found, seal them using caulk. For larger holes, use steel wool or foam and for chimneys and attic vents use fine wire mesh.

Dry Out Your Home

Moisture will always attract roaches since they need water to survive. It’s important to check your home for leaking faucets, sinks, pipes, and even your refrigerators and appliances. If you notice a leak, make sure you get it fixed immediately.

While prevention can help keep these pests away, sometimes it’s best to call a professional. A pest control company will be able to thoroughly inspect your home, identify the type of cockroach you have, and provide you with the best treatment and prevention plan moving forward.

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