Good Deed Team Ambassador of 2019 Announced

Good Deed Team Ambassador of 2019 Announced

We are proud to announce our 2019 Northwest Good Deed Ambassador of the Year, Brittney Bonsignore. Since joining the Northwest team, Brittney has not only embraced the Northwest Way, but she has applied action to it and made a tremendous impact on her Northwest teammates and surrounding community.

With laser focus, a servant’s heart, and a people-first mentality, Brittney has rallied her Newnan teammates for several Good Deed events in the Newnan area. She fostered countless relationships with organizations, like Bridging the Gap, and elementary schools, and she has increased outreach to Northwest customers. With her leadership, Newnan started a Customer Appreciation day that supports Northwest customers that may have fallen on hard times.

Brittney has continuously shared innovative, fresh ideas with her fellow Good Deed ambassadors, all while quietly leading with humility and kindness. One interaction with her and you are left knowing that she is filled with kindness, respect, and grace. We are grateful to have such an extraordinary teammate on our team who not only has an amazing heart for people but also inspires us each to aim higher every day.

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