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Northwest's Learning Center

Have you seen a strange pest flying or crawling around your home?  Would you like to learn more about the habitats of certain insects that you are seeing?  Northwest Exterminating can be your source of information on all things pest.  […]

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Early Warm Temps, Early Termites

If you are anything like me, you are loving this unseasonably warm weather that we are experiencing in Georgia.  It’s been a nice preview of what is in store for us come Spring time.  That being said, I’m not looking […]

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iPest app

We’ve recently discovered a useful tool that has helped us both inside and outside of the office.  iPest is a mobile app that is beneficial not only for pest control technicians but homeowners, building managers, etc.  The iPest app is […]

Technician Tales: There’s a boa in your refrigerator

Technician Tales As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment in the pest control industry.  It is our privilege to be able to help our customers keep their homes and businesses healthy and free of pests.  Along the […]

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How Do Ladybugs Get in My Home?

Ladybugs are making their way into homes for the winter instead of finding a home outside.  Ladybugs are attracted to the heat that the homes reflect and often prefer older homes and light colored homes.  Once these cute little bugs […]

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Varied Carpet Beetle

Recent calls have led our technicians out to homes to find the varied carpet beetle.  The varied carpet beetle is a common household pest found throughout the US. Carpet beetles feed on natural fibers that can be found in upholstery […]

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You Asked, We Answered: Winter Edition

Q:Why am I seeing pests like ants in my home in the middle of winter? A: It has been a strange year. From a personal perspective, no snow and warmer than usual temperatures, have been very nice.  From a pest […]

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5 Bugs to Love

Valentine’s Day is a day of LOVE!  Bugs aren’t something that we usually “love” but in the spirit of the holiday, here are 5 bugs to love! Ladybugs are not only one of the cuter bugs out there but they are […]

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What is the “Stack Effect”?

As part of our Complete CrawlSpace service we have talked to you about the “stack effect”.  But what exactly is the “stack effect”? As the air in your home warms, it rises and makes its way through the house and […]

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Are Termites A Threat to Your Home?

Termite Threats: Termites are responsible for more than $2 billion of damage in the US each year. Termites cause more damage in a year than fires, floods, and tornadoes. One termite colony may contain several hundred thousand termites These are […]

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