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How to Rid Yellow Jackets using Glue Boards

Not only is this a new approach, but it is also a green option to control yellow jackets If nothing else, it’s one heck of a show.

Next time you have a yellow jacket nest in a wall void or behind siding use a rat glue tray to block the entry for a second just long enough to snag one yellow jacket. Then, leave the glue board as close as possible to the entry point.

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The Return of West Nile

It’s 2011 and the West Nile virus has made its return. Several states have confirmed cases of the virus. States include Minnesota, where a dead crow was found, Connecticut, where mosquitoes tested positive, Tennessee, where mosquitoes tested positive, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, where one person has been infected, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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60 Years of Service and NorPest Green Video

Here is our latest commercial featuring our own ,Steve Phillips, as he explains why Northwest Exterminating is the best choice for pest control for your home or business.
We are also proud of our botanical and earth based program that controls pests the way nature intended…NorPest Green.

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Northwest Exterminating has seen an increase in calls for spiders this year. No doubt that is not news to most of you. With the cold and wet Winter and the heat this Spring, spider numbers have increased at an alarming rate. What can we do? Is there an answer to help stem the tide of the unwanted visitors? There is but first a little background.

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What is Plastic #6?

You look on the bottom of your cup and there it is…the universal recycling sign with a number 6 in the middle. “Great”, you think, “I can toss this in the recycle bin”. WRONG, in most cases. All plastics are labeled, however, not all are accepted from your local recycling company.

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You Asked, We Answered

Hi, Thank you for the question. It’s important to be cautious about materials being used inside especially when a person claims “Green” practices. The products used in our industry have 2 different components: an active ingredient and an inert. The inerts often are propellants, or materials used as carrying agents for the active ingredient.

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Post Office Offers GO GREEN stamps

Northwest Exterminating isn’t the only one GOING GREEN. The United States Postal Service now offers Go Green stamps.

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Integrative Pest Management

Today, as in the past, clients want to know they are getting their money’s worth. Customer expectations continue to rise and tolerance for irritants, in this case a pest, or the illusion of their presence, may drive them away, for good. We all know that when a person feels “wronged” that becomes the topic of conversation for quite awhile.

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Introducing: Green Mosquito Control

With Northwest’s mission to create healthier living and working environments we are now offering a Green Mosquito Control service in addition to our traditional Mosquito Control service. The Green Mosquito Control Program consists of inspection, identification and source reduction. Limited product is used in areas needed to control and reduce mosquitoe

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Money Saving Tips! 100 Ways to Clean Using Household Products

In this economy we’re all looking for ways to cut spending in any way that we can. The article below shows us how we can use everyday household products to clean. These tips not only save money but are safer alternatives to the chemicals that come in many cleaning products.Read the article below that was featured on

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