How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

We’re all looking for ways to save money.  We’re cutting back on unnecessary items, thinking twice before we spend our money, and looking for ways to save on necessities.  One way to save is to install TAP Insulation in your attic.

Attic Before TAP

Tap Insulation saves in two ways: saving on your energy bills and energy savings (along with many other benefits).  When your attic has the right r-value, resistance to heat, then your HVAC system runs more efficiently.  Less work for your HVAC means less money each month on the bill.  Our highly trained professional will evaluate your current r-value and bring your insulation to the Department of Energy recommended r-value of 49, with a minimum of 30.

Attic After TAP

It’s typical to see a 20-38% savings on your energy bills after you’ve had TAP Insulation installed.  This will benefit your home in both the cold winter months and the warm summer months because it keeps your home at a consistent temperature throughout the season which gives your HVAC system a break.  Lastly, TAP Insulation is a GREEN solution for your home.  It’s another great way to save green while going green!

Other benefits of TAP Insulation:

  • Insulation made of recycled newsprint.
  • Permanent Pest Protection in your attic.
  • Fire Safety
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Energy Savings from the Bottom Up

If your home is anything like mine you have a high electric bill in the summer and a high gas bill in the winter.  When one goes down, the other one goes up.  Luckily, Northwest Exterminating offers services that can relieve some of those painful energy bills from the bottom of your house up.

Northwest’s Complete CrawlSpace system will not only soften those energy bills but it will improve the overall health of your home.  Crawl spaces are often filled with moisture.  Moisture leads to high levels of humidity which cause mold growth, pests, and energy loss.  Energy loss may sound like a good thing but it actually causes your system to work harder leading to higher energy bills.  Closing in your crawl space can control the amount of moisture, correcting the issues listed above and preventing them from happening in the future.  This would give you a healthier, more energy efficient living environment that could save you up to 18% on utility bills.

Another way to save on energy bills is to properly insulate your atticTAP attic insulation can reduce both your heating and cooling bills.  When you have the recommended r-value (insulation’s resistance to heat flow) your insulation works more efficiently, meaning your heating and air isn’t working overtime to compensate.  TAP attic insulation can save you up to 30% or more on your utility bills.  Other benefits include:

Northwest can provide you with energy savings from the ground…up!  Call now or complete a Free Inspection Form.


Attic Insulation – When More Is Better

The temperature is dropping in Georgia and your energy bills are raising.  Do you know the r-value of the insulation in your attic?  Probably not.  The Department of Energy recommends an r-value of 49 with a minimum of 30 in your home insulation.  By adding the recommended r-value to your home, you can ensure that your home is working efficiently while lowering your energy bills.

By adequately insulating your attic you will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  This will make your HVAC system use less energy and save you money on your bills.

Northwest Exterminating offers attic insulation that offers many benefits besides just saving energy and putting more money in your pocket.

  • Immediate Return on Your Investment – Typical to see anywhere from 20-38% savings on your energy bills!
  • 10% Tax Credit in 2011 – Homeowners can claim a 10% tax credit (or up to $500) on the installation investment, if TAP is installed in 2011.
  • Permanent Pest Protection in Attic – Roachesants, and other pests like to nest in attics.  TAP Insulation controls these unwanted invaders.
  • Fire Safety – TAP is treated with a fire retardant that forms a charred surface which, when burned, limits the spread of fire.
  • Year-round comfort – TAP allows you to keep more consistent temperatures throughout the seasons.
  • A Break for Your HVAC System – With proper insulation, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard.
  • GREEN Solution – Insulating your home with TAP saves landfill space and conserves energy used in your home.

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TAP Testimonial

The cold weather is here!!  By installing TAP Insulation in your home you can be sure that you and your family stay comfortable throughout the season and lower your energy bills at the same time.  Here is another testimonial from a happy TAP customer!

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to thank Northwest Exterminating for introducing me to TAP Insulation. You performed the installation in early October and I already have noticed a difference in the first 6 weeks. I am amazed when I leave for work each morning that it is cold outside that my roof is the only home in my neighborhood that is completely covered with frost. Simply stated, that tells me the heat is being kept in the house where it should be. I have also noticed that the heat does not turn on nearly as much as it used to. In years past, it seemed as my heat was constantly on. I can not wait to be able to compare my heating and cooling bills over the next year to those of the previous year.

I was also extremely pleased with the professionalism of the crew that came out to perform the work. These individuals were not only very polite, but took the time to make sure my home was the way it was before they left. In fact, it was probably cleaner than it was to begin with.

Again, I can not thank you all enough for introducing me to this product. Not only is it going to pay for itself by the monthly savings of my utilities, but it also going to help control those unwanted critters trying to get into my home.

Please do not hesitate to pass my name on to anyone that would like a referral, because this product works!





2011 Tax Credit for TAP Insulation

It’s not too late to be eligible for the 2011 Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency.  One of the Energy Star qualified products is the attic insulation that is offered by Northwest Exterminating, TAP InsulationTAP Insulation is a loose-fill cellulose insulation that is made up of 87% recycled newsprint.  TAP not only provides pest protection but also has sound barrier qualities as well as energy savings.

The tax credit will expire on December 31, 2011.  To be eligible for the tax credit, TAP must be installed to an existing home and your principal residence.  New construction and rentals DO NOT qualify.  With the tax credit you will receive 10% of the cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50-$300.

The 2011 tax credit is just one of the many benefits that you receive when you install TAP attic insulation to your home.  Adding adequate insulation is one of the most cost-effective home improvements that you can do.  For a list of benefits or more information on TAP Insulation click HERE.  Call Northwest Exterminating for professional service!


What Do REAL Customers Have to Say About TAP Insulation?

Don’t just take our word for it.  See what some of our customers are saying about TAP Insulation!

“I was amazed at how efficient the insulation was handled. Actually, I thought there would be a terrible mess in the installment process because of the very fine and light material they were installing. Quite the opposite happened as the workers were very careful not to let the insulation fall back into the living areas. They were very pleasant to work with and very careful not to damage anything.  As they worked, they kept the floor clean and all three were very professional. They made certain everything was picked up and the living area clean before departing. Thank you very much for the great installation, and I look forward to cutting the cost of my utility bill over the coming year.” ~B. Warden

“I have recently had TAP installed in my attic. Before it was put in, my heater would come on about every 15 minutes for long periods of time. Since the installation, the frequency and length has been greatly reduced. The staff, both sales and office, and the installation team were very professional and handled the process with the expertise I expected. It was performed with as little disturbance as possible to my daily routine. The installation team was on time and had the job done in the amount of time they told me it would take. I am looking forward to reduced heating and air conditioning bills. Thanks for a great job and a great product!” ~M. Price

“We recently had problems with raccoons and as a result needed to have insulation replaced in our home. I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service we received from your representative. His professional and courteous attitude and expert knowledge in handling our specific issues were very important to our complete customer satisfaction. We would also like to thank the crew, who removed the old insulation and installed the TAP Insulation, for a tremendous job. They were prompt, worked tirelessly to complete the job, and cleaned up afterward. The crew was courteous and respectful. We appreciate having personnel like this crew working in our home. We are completely satisfied with the product and services rendered by your company. We will look forward to patronizing Northwest Exterminating whenever the need arises.” ~L. Galloway


What Do You Get with TAP Insulation?

Having TAP Insulation (or Energy Star Insulation) installed in your attic is a benefit to your home as well as yourself. When you have TAP installed, a Northwest Exterminating professional will evaluate the current r-value (indicates an insulation‘s resistance to heat flow) in your attic and let you know how much TAP Insulation will be needed to bring your home to the Department of Energy’s standards.  The Department of Energy recommends an r-value of 49 with a minimum of 30.  Once you have been notified how much insulation you will need, TAP insulation will be added to the current insulation in your attic.

Attics are known to be housing for invaders like wildlife, rodents and pests.  Oftentimes, the attic insulation is damaged by these un-welcomed visitors by moving the insulation or contaminating it with their urine and fecal matter.  Northwest Exterminating will remove any contaminated insulation and replace it with TAP Insulation to rid your home of any health risk that contaminated insulation may cause.

TAP Insulation offers several benefits to the homeowner:

  • Immediate Return on Your Investment – Typical to see anywhere from 20-38% savings on your energy bills!
  • 10% Tax Credit in 2011 – Homeowners can claim a 10% tax credit (or up to $500) on the installation investment, if TAP is installed in 2011.
  • Permanent Pest Protection in Attic – Roaches, ants, and other pests like to nest in attics.  TAP Insulation controls these unwanted invaders.
  • Fire Safety – TAP is treated with a fire retardant that forms a charred surface which, when burned, limits the spread of fire.
  • Year-round comfort – TAP allows you to keep more consistent temperatures throughout the seasons.
  • A Break for Your HVAC System – With proper insulation, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard.
  • A GREEN SolutionInsulating your home with TAP saves landfill space and conserves energy used in your home.

Call Northwest Exterminating for the best insulation for your home!


Saving Money on Your Energy Bills with Insulation?

Attic Before TAP

This past summer we experienced extreme heat in Atlanta. The rising temperatures not only put a strain on our bodies and outdoor activities but it also put a strain on our energy bills as well. I have been in my home for 8 years and this summer was the highest my energy bill has ever been in the summertime. And if last year’s winter was any indication of how bitter the winter will be…then we’re in for another cold one in the coming season. Luckily, Northwest Exterminating provides a solution to the rising energy bills due to the extreme temperatures we’ve recently faced in the summer and winter times. Northwest offers attic insulation that not only lowers your energy bills but protects your home from pests as well.


Attic After TAP

TAP Insulation, or Energy Star Insulation, is a loose-fill cellulose insulation that is put into your attic. The insulation is made of 87% recycled newsprint which makes it one of Northwest’s GREEN services. TAP is the only pest control product on the market that carries an Energy Star Rating. The insulation allows you to reduce your heating and cooling bills up to 38% by keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year round. Besides the energy savings and pest protection it also provides sound barrier qualities.

If you’d like to read more about how to insulate an attic with TAP Insulation call Northwest Exterminating at 888.466.7849 or visit us ONLINE.


Winter Pests Love Your Home

Our own, David Niles, recently wrote an article for The Cherokee Consumer Connection.  Check it out below:

Winter Pests Love Your Home

By David Niles

Winter weather is a time where pests want to hide in the warmth of your home.  Most folks think of rats and mice, but many other pests like ants are also prone to hiding indoors in the wintertime.

Rats, mice, and squirrels love to nest in attics during the winter.  They burrow through the insulation and huddle around furnaces.  They can be especially annoying by scratching in the ceiling and walls, keeping you up all night.  They can also turn your attic into a disaster zone by contaminating the insulation with feces and urine.

It is a nasty thought to think of all the airborne contaminates floating around the attic and into the HVAC system of your home.  These rodents need to keep their teeth sharp and constantly gnaw on anything to sharpen their teeth.  They chew on wires and in some cases have led to house fires.

Raccoons, opossums, and bats can also contaminate and destroy attics.  These critters can be eliminated with proper exclusion work.  Winter is a great time to ensure all entry points into the home are sealed off.  Many do not realize there is a gap between the shingle line and the gutter line, the usual entry point into the home for unwanted pests.  A good exterminator can seal off these areas so animals can no longer get in these gaps.

Roaches and silverfish enjoy huddling in the warmth of attic insulation, and many homes see an influx of these two pests during the winter.  Cockroaches also spread disease, and their droppings and saliva can trigger asthma attacks, especially in young children.

Winter is also a great time to consider the amount of insulation in your attic.  A low amount can lead to higher energy bills with all the heat escaping right through your attic.  The lower the R-value (thermal resistance) in your attic the higher the odds that you are spending too much on energy costs and wearing down your HVAC system faster.

Northwest Exterminating provides a pest control-insulation product called TAP InsulationTAP stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control.  This product keeps pests out of your attic and reduces energy bills, while keeping a good sound barrier in the attic.  Unlike fiberglass insulation, this product is 87% recycled newsprint and is a better fire retardant than fiberglass.  The usual savings on energy bills is 20-38% with the Energy Star rated insulation.  This material is created with boric acid built into it to repel pests and must be installed by a professional with a pest control license.

David Niles is an inspection specialist with Northwest Exterminating in our Canton service center
David Niles

Home With TAP Insulation vs. Home Without

This is a blog that was originally posted in October 2011 but with record low temperatures we thought it was worth a re-post!

Below is a photo from a customer who recently had TAP Insulation installed in their attic.  This picture was taken in late October of 2010 during one of our early cold snaps.

House without TAP (left) vs. House WITH TAP (right)

House without TAP (left) vs. House WITH TAP (right)

The house on the right belongs to our customer.  Notice that his roof is still covered in ice while his neighbor’s house is thawed out.  The reason for this is that the TAP Insulation on our customer’s house is keeping all of the warm air trapped into the living areas instead of escaping through the attic.  When the warm air from your heating system escapes from the attic, it melts the ice on the roof which means that all of the hard work that your heating system is doing is not being used efficiently.  Properly insulating your attic can save you between 20-38% on your energy bills by ensuring that your HVAC system is not being overworked.

For more information on TAP Insulation click HERE.