Earwigs are very common pests around homes in Atlanta and in Georgia. These insects were once believed to crawl into human ears and sew them shut.



  • Earwigs have a pair of forcep-like appendages on the rear of the abdomen which contributed to the medieval belief that the insect could sew the ear shut


  • Earwigs can exist in large numbers around homes that have large quantities of mulch and organic matter around the foundation

  • Will enter through cracks in the slab or around door and window frames


  • Do not cause any damage to the structure, but can be a nuisance if in your home

  • Some species can emit a noxious odor

  • Generally beneficial decomposers of organic matter when outdoors, but some species will attack ornamental plants and vegetables

  • Strawberries are a particularly attractive target

  • Females will dig a burrow up to 9 inches deep under mulch and lay a cluster of eggs

  • Eggs hatch into nymphal earwigs which will leave the burrow and begin the path to adulthood


  • Granular baits around the exterior perimeter

  • Residual spray applications around the perimeter


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