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Why Should Multi-Unit HOAs maintain your Termite Warranty?

When you live in multi-unit housing, such as an apartment, condo or town home, it is difficult to protect your home from termites when your neighbor does not have termite protection. That is why it is so important that your community’s HOA offers termite protection for you and your neighbors.

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Why is a Termite Treatment so Important in New Construction?

We’ve told you before that termites cause more damage in a year than earthquakes, tornadoes and fires put together. We’ve also talked about ways to prevent termite damage to your home once you are living in it but what about how to protect your home before you ever move in? Whether building your dream home or buying a new construction home, it is important to ask the builder how the home has been protected against termites. In most cases, the builder is the one who selects the termite company and termite treatment type.

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Weird Facts about Pests

Check out these interesting facts about pests that you probably didn’t know! For more than 3,000 years carpenter ants have been used to close wounds in India, Asia and South America. Each year, insects eat 1/3 of the Earth’s food crop.

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Choosing a Termite/Pest Company

How long has the company been in business? If you are receiving quotes from 2-3 companies and one is considerably lower in price, be careful. Do they have different options in termite protection/pest protection, such as “green” services? Some people could care less about “going green” when it comes to bugs and termites. However, it is important to think about what “green” means. Go with a company that can provide several services. If you have ants in your kitchen, termites in your garage and mosquitoes in your backyard you don’t want to have to call three different companies.

Termite Damage vs. Termite Activity

It is very important for a consumer to understand that there is a huge difference between termite damage and termite activity. Year after year, I go into homes that may or may not have either of the two and regardless I can say that at the very least it “freaks people out.” Understandably so, no one wants to have termites eating away at their biggest investment. It is very important to have someone who can not only treat your home but also provide regular inspections to make sure that there is no activity present.

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Why is a Termite Letter so Important?

Buying and/or selling a home is a rewarding task…but can also be a stressful task.  Once you’ve found the home of your dreams you go through great length to ensure that it is up to code and everything is in […]

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Could you have Termites?

Everyone loves spring…especially termites. Yup, it’s that time of year when termites swarm. As you know, termites can cause serious damage to your home. Termite damage is more common than damage caused by any other natural disaster and is not covered by most home insurance policies. That is why it is so important to maintain your termite coverage; and if you don’t have termite coverage, it’s imperative that you get it.

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Termites…Coming to a City Near You!

The forecast for this afternoon calls for heavy storms in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Not only are storms coming in this evening but spring is right around the corner…which means one thing…rain, rain and more rain! Rain can bring in unwanted visitors to your home such as termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and many other not so friendly houseguests.

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Subterranean Termites in Atlanta

The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common and widely distributed termite in North America. These termites are responsible for nearly 2 billion dollars of damage in homes across the US. They are of particular concern in the Southeast region. Being based in Atlanta, Ga we are all too familiar with the damage that termites can cause.

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Termites in Atlanta…facts and myths

If you live in the Atlanta, GA area, chances are you know what termites are…and that they eat houses. Here’s some information you may NOT know… Common Myths: Termites can chew through concrete Termites are like ants Termites colonies have […]

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