We often get calls from people wanting us to come out and remove wildlife from their homes.  One of the most common nuisances that we find are raccoonsRaccoons are native to North America and have made themselves at home in rural neighborhoods.  They can be found living in hollowed out trees, caves, garages and attics.  They are attracted to gardens, bird feeds, fish ponds, garbage cans, pet food and even your kitchen cabinets.  Raccoons are on the hunt for food and a nice warm place to live, so if you have those, they are going to try to make themselves at home.

Raccoons are easily recognized by their grayish color, black mask and ringed tail.  As adults they usually weigh between 10-20 lbs and are nocturnal creatures.  Raccoons are typically kind animals but will attack if they feel they are in danger.  They usually live up to 5 years in the wild and have a litter of 3-6 every spring.  Raccoons are known for their ability to adapt to environmental changes.  They are strong, intelligent creatures who are great climbers with skilled hands.  With their excellent ability to climb they will often get into your home by breaking in through the roof or attic.  Also, be sure to cover your pet doors because this is oftentimes an easy entrance for wildlife such as raccoons.

When raccoons, or other wildlife for that matter, get into your home they can cause serious damage.  They have been known to cause a significant amount of damage to attics, garages, property and even living areas.  It is best to hire a professional wildlife removal company to get rid of raccoons.   A company such as Northwest Exterminating, will ensure that the animal is removed in a humane way that is best for the animal as well as the health of your home.

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