The flying squirrel isn’t just a dive you do off the diving board!  It’s a real tree squirrel that is present right here in Georgia and the Southeast.  The flying squirrel is a tree squirrel that can glide, rather than actually fly, over 80 yards!  These are only considered pests once they enter your home.  Once inside your home they can cause damage and odor with their urine.  They are nocturnal creatures so they will surely keep you up at night but all in all, they are of minor medical concern to humans.

Flying squirrels are very similar to your everyday squirrel with their brown bodies and white bellies.  However, the flying squirrel will have a loose fold of skin between the front and hind legs.  These squirrels are the smallest of the tree squirrels and are the only ones that are nocturnal.  They eat nuts, berries, insects and even meat when it is available.  Flying squirrels are agile creatures that can turn mid glide and change their angle of decent, lightly landing on all fours.  As graceful as they are in the air, they are clumsy creatures on the ground.

The flying squirrel favors the woodpecker by nesting in small holes in a tree.  They may also find a home in your attic.  During the winter, you may find 20 or more living together.  Exclusion is the key to squirrel removal from your attic.  It is best to call a professional animal removal service that can safely remove the squirrels, find the points of entry and seal any holes.  For more information, visit us HERE!

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