The Earth is full of interesting, magnificent creatures.  One of those interesting creatures is the camponotus cylindricus… an ant that can explode itself.

The camponotus cylindricus, or exploding ant as we like to call it, uses their talent as an act of self-defense.  When the ant nest is threatened by an intruder, the ant will grab hold of the intruder’s face with its teeth.  They will then bend their bodies so violently that their outside burst and a layer of chemicals explode…making an attempt to kill both the intruder and themselves.

The chemical is stored in sacks that run along the ant’s body.  It acts as an irritant to external organs and dries into a glue-like substance that attaches the ant to the body of its attacker.  Many times this causes the intruder go blind and stops it from making it’s way to the nest.  Either way…the intruder loses the battle.

Now talk about chemical warfare.

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