Besides being interesting to look at, there are many little known but fascinating facts about insects that make these pests something to marvel at. Perhaps one reason why it takes a skilled pest control company to totally eliminate insect pests is because of their general resilience. As we blogged about before, the notion that roaches can withstand nuclear warfare is true (to a degree). It should be of no surprise then that the larvae of one type of midge can survive for up to three days in liquid nitrogen. Since the temperature of liquid nitrogen is negative 321 degrees, that’s a pretty amazing feat. Now we know who survived the Ice Age!



Some humans have trouble finding a date and even resort to the Internet to search for love all over the world. Well, we’re not the only ones who can find a mate from a distance. Indian moon moths are able to smell the pheromones of a potential mate over 6 miles away! How’s that for a long distance relationship?

Indian Moon Moth

Another intriguing but devastating fact pertains to mosquitoes. For the most part, we are bothered by mosquitoes due to the pesky insect bites they leave. Red and itchy marks aren’t the only thing that mosquitoes can leave behind though. Often, mosquitoes transmit diseases to our blood, so devastating in fact that mosquitoes have killed more humans worldwide than all of the wars in history. If you want help fighting that enemy, Northwest Exterminating has a Mosquito Reduction program designed to keep mosquitoes away from the home front.


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