Apartment living often comes with its own pest control challenges. Here are 5 ways you prevent pests from entering or infesting your apartment.

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Pests will continue to thrive in areas where food is readily available (especially roaches and ants, common in apartment buildings). Store food in sealed containers, clear dirty dishes, keep counters, appliances, and floors clean, and take out garbage daily.

2. Eliminate Moisture

Like food, most common household pests need moisture to survive. Routinely check for leaks around your home and notify management so they can correct any issues.

3. Remove Clutter

Some pests, like spiders, like to hide it dark, undisturbed areas. Eliminating clutter reduces pest harborage sites and prevent reproduction. Keep pantries, cabinets and closets organized, avoid accumulating piles of clothing by using baskets and hampers, and remove any magazines, newspapers, stacks of paper, and boxes from your home when you’re done with them.

4. Seal Cracks & Crevices

If you see gaps, holes, or cracks around windows, doors, or plumbing pipes, contact management to repair them. These make excellent entry points for pests.

5. Professional Pest Control

Even if you’re taking all of the preventative measures above, you may still see pests in your apartment since your home’s walls are shared with other residents. Request pest control from management; most likely they have an exterminator on call that services the community. It’s also a good idea to have the apartment homes around you treated to ensure the pests don’t move to a nearby location.


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