Have a great idea for a Northwest Billboard? Now’s your chance! Submit your billboard idea on Facebook for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and for your idea to be displayed on billboards throughout Georgia!

Contest Rules: This is a 2 round contest!

Round 1Click here to submit your billboard idea on Facebook. Submission deadline is August 4, 2017. After we’ve received all submissions, 3 billboard ideas will be selected by a panel of Northwest Exterminating judges based on creativity.

Round 2 – The top 3 billboards will then be put on our Facebook page for people to vote on their favorite by clicking LIKE on their billboard of choice. The billboard with the most LIKES wins! Voting ends August 11, 2017.

Previous Billboards:

northwest crunch billboard displaying a man's dress shoes going to step on a roach

northwest termite billboard displaying the cartoon mascot with wood panel background

northwest mosquito billboard displaying the cartoon mascot beside two mosquitos flying around

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