Our Newnan team is off to an incredible start in 2020! Looking inward to the team’s interests and passions has allowed them to see new opportunities to help their communities.

One goal the team has for the year is to volunteer with the local animal shelter and humane society more often. Some of the teammates spent their Sunday at the NCHS Orientation learning about the organization’s mission and how they can help serve the animals and adoptive families throughout the year. The team will be attending dog training in March, and they’re looking forward to helping with adoption days, clean up, and caring for the animals.

The team has also continued their focus on helping local organizations and bringing smiles to those in their community. They spent a few hours one Saturday sorting through donations at the Coweta Pregnancy Service, a local organization that supports women and families in the area. They also stopped by the Ansley Park Health and Rehabilitation Center to spend some time with the residents and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day! “One resident’s card had a typewriter on the front and that reminded him of one his dad used to have! He said we couldn’t understand how much that meant to him, and the great memories it brought back. This event not only touched the hearts of the residents but our team as well,” said Good Deed Team Ambassador, Angela C.

It truly has been an extraordinary February for the teammates of our Newnan office. They are a great example of a team that wants to Make a Difference in all they do. It is incredible to see teammates not only enjoy working together but also serving the community together. We are excited to see the upcoming projects and volunteering the Newnan team is up to next.

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