Many of us enjoy the pleasure of bird watching and seeing these wildlife creatures in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, some birds tend to take over houses and make them their own. Birds are known to build their nests in places such as attics, gutters, vents, chimneys, and more. So why are birds especially attracted to building their nests near our houses? How do we prevent them from building nests and entering our homes in a safe, humane way?

Birds prefer to build their nests in higher places as this helps them survey the area around them. A house gives them a perfect vantage point with spots that are high enough for them to feel safe from predators, look for food, hatch their eggs, and even protect them from extreme temperatures. In addition to the common places that birds are found (gutters and attics), they can also take shelter in less obvious places like gaps in siding and small light fixtures.

Surprisingly, nests and what birds leave behind in them can be dangerous to humans. Bird droppings contain acid that corrodes metal and concrete and can even damage your car paint. Nesting sites can also cause damage to your home. Nests can easily clog drains and gutters which lead to moisture issues inside your home. If a nest is built in a dryer or fan, it can restrict airflow, causing lint buildup and increasing the risk of a fire.

With all of this in mind, how do we prevent birds from entering and building their nests in our homes? Here are some easy, humane ways to keep birds out of your house:

  • Use aluminum foil as repellent. Place pieces of foil in high points around your home or on tree limbs. The sun will reflect off the shiny surface and bother their eyes, deterring them from coming near unwanted places.
  • Sprinkle baking soda. Birds do not like the feeling of baking soda on their toes. Try sprinkling baking soda on the edges of your windowsills or patios.
  • Place predator decoys in your yard. A rubber snake or plastic owl can easily scare off birds and keep them from landing in your yard. Be sure to periodically move the decoys to different spots so birds don’t realize they aren’t real.

There are laws and regulations regarding bird nest removal and bird protection in each state. It’s usually best to call a professional wildlife exclusion company to handle bird nests and birds inside the house. 

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