The Northwest Good Deed Team has always had a strong partnership with many of our local schools as our teammates are passionate about education! The team has enjoyed supporting book donations, Mystery Reader programs, Career Days, and more around our communities. After speaking to the new principal of Fair Oaks Elementary, Cathie Siebert, we learned they were looking for donations of books to give away at their Saturday pantry to students and families.

Luckily, our teams are consistently collecting items for donations, and we had two trunk loads of books and items that were available for donation from our Smyrna Service Center. Shortly after the team dropped the donations off, they spoke with Cathie and discovered the potential opportunity available to partner with the school even further.

A few years ago, the Northwest Good Deed Team teamed up with Birney Elementary to create the Literatura Bilingual Family Literacy Program for their elementary students to be involved in. With the help of Katie Stieber, a friend and partner with Birney Elementary, Literatura has continued to grow. After the conversation with Cathie, the GDT began discussing the option to launch the drive thru literacy program at Fair Oaks Elementary this upcoming year!

This program is hosted monthly, with new and unique activities created and handed out each time. It’s a program that students and families, along with the teachers and staff, seem to really enjoy because they’re able to create a fun learning environment for all involved. Our team is excited about the opportunity to bring this program to the Fair Oaks children and looks forward to continuing the Literacy Program and growing it to serve even more families in the future.

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