Mosquitoes are one of the top nuisance pests during the summertime. These pests are notorious for biting and leaving us with itchy red bumps on our skin. But why do mosquitoes bite us? And how can we prevent them from ruining our summer fun outside?

Female mosquitoes are looking for protein to survive. This protein is found in blood, which helps mosquitoes feed their developing eggs. There are several ways that these pests search for a host, including body odor, body temperature, and even the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Humans can also be a major part of attracting these pests to them without even knowing they are doing so. Factors such as wearing perfume, wearing clothes exposing skin, and even wearing dark-colored clothes can attract mosquitoes and bring a risk of mosquito bites.

Knowing the steps, you can take to reduce the chance of getting bitten by mosquitoes is the first step in protecting yourself and your family.

  • Avoid mosquito peak hours! Mosquito activity rises during dawn and dusk, try to stay indoors during these times, especially during these warmer months.
  • Cover up when you’re outdoors. Avoid wearing darker-colored clothing as these colors attract and stand out to mosquitoes. Instead, wear light-colored clothing and clothing made from synthetic fibers.
  • Use insect repellent containing DEET. Repellents containing DEET have proven to be highly effective at repelling mosquitoes. Make sure you apply the repellent onto your hands and rub it into your skin rather than just spraying it.

If you’ve noticed an increase in mosquito activity around your property, consider contacting your local mosquito control company. They’ll provide you with a thorough inspection and treatment options, fit for your property!


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