Our Northwest Good Deed Team has partnerships with many schools across the states that we serve. Recently, our Hixson office expanded this by partnering with Alpine Crest Elementary School for a water drive.

COVID-19 has affected schools on many different levels. At Alpine Crest Elementary, COVID forced them to turn off their water fountains to help stop the spread. This has forced the students to bring bottled water, which most forget about or lose throughout the day. When we heard about this, we jumped at the opportunity to support them. We were able to collect 56 cases of water to donate.

We are so grateful for our Hixson office coming together to support a local elementary school and collect these cases of water. We know that any help for schools is always welcomed and removes one task from the never-ending to-do list of the administration and teachers. Our teammates enjoyed the opportunity to serve and help in even a small way.

Thank you to our Hixson team for finding opportunities to serve where you have passion!

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