Northwest is always looking for new ways to honor our local communities. Recently a member of our corporate office, Katie Anderson, saw a Facebook post made by the new Temple High School football coach alerting the community of a need for donated food items for some of his players.

Katie reached out to the Carrollton Service Center’s Good Deeds Ambassadors, Kathryn Daniels and Molly Brown, to see what could be done.  The Service Center came together to collect and donate multiple food items. Items included 30 packs of tuna,  60 packs of oatmeal, three packs of paper plates, 4 containers of silverware, 15 jars of pasta sauce, 14 boxes of pop tarts, 33 boxes of pasta, and more! This large donation was able to help all of these local teens gain access to food that they might not have had before.

We are so thankful for our extraordinary teammates who look for opportunities to make a difference and give back to those in their community.

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