After completing a customer’s service, Northwest’s local Canton Service Center team came together to further support the longtime, elderly customer with much needed yardwork. Several of the Canton, GA Service Professionals came to the customer’s home to help and clear up some potential landscaping that could create pest concerns.

Our teammates were able to trim trees back from the customer’s gutters to help prevent pests from making their way inside. While working outside of the home, they discovered a hornet’s nest and were able to safely remove it, free of charge. The smallest things can make a huge difference, and the team enjoyed taking the time to help in this small way.
Good deed team

Discovering these golden opportunities to shine beyond pest control continues to be important to our team. Our customers make up our community! Being able to create extraordinary experiences and make a difference for our community is why we do what we do. We’re thankful for our Canton Service Center teammates who continue to care for their customers, communities, and each other.

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