The holidays are winding up, with many of us getting our decorations out of storage for the season. Hopefully, your storage boxes were able to avoid pests this year! If not, then we have some holiday pest control tips to have better luck next year!

  • Use Plastic Containers: Cardboard boxes are easy for bugs and rodents to chew through, so they aren’t the best method to store items for the year. If you’re in a pinch, you can store smaller cardboard boxes wrapped in a plastic bag.
  • Store Scented Items Separately: Any candles or other holiday-scented items should be stored in their own plastic container since they can draw in pests or rodents.
  • Check for Pests Before Clean Up: Before putting items into boxes, look them over for any hitchhiking pests, especially if they are used outdoors. These items can include garlands, wreaths, and string lights.
  • Dispose of Food Items: Gingerbread houses, popcorn garlands, or any other décor made from edible items will need to be thrown out rather than storing them. It’s better to remake the food-based decorations on a yearly basis.

Another quick tip for when the holidays are over is if you have opted for a real tree,  make sure that you dispose of it quickly, and don’t let it sit on your curb for multiple days. It can become a home for rodents.

If you discover a pest problem after the holidays, then give your local pest control company a call, and they’ll be able to assist you with a customized plan to help rid your home of unwanted guests!

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