Our Cullman team recently celebrated Northwest’s second annual Teammate Acts of Kindness Day by putting together a special gift basket for the dedicated staff at West Point Family Medical. Understanding the immense effort and compassion that healthcare workers pour into their jobs daily, we wanted to show our gratitude in a tangible and heartfelt way.

The gift basket was filled with a variety of treats and essentials aimed at bringing a little joy and comfort to the hardworking team at West Point Family Medical. From snacks to stationary items, each item was thoughtfully chosen to help brighten their day. Our team enjoyed collaborating on this project to serve our local community.

Acts of Kindness Day provided us with a wonderful opportunity to connect with and support our local community. We are proud to contribute to the positive spirit and well-being of those who tirelessly work to keep us healthy. Here’s to spreading kindness and making a difference, one act at a time!

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