Showing Thanks to First Responders, Local Law Enforcement, and Customers by Our Laurens Team

Showing Thanks to First Responders, Local Law Enforcement, and Customers by Our Laurens Team

Piedmont Pest Control, soon to transition to the Northwest Exterminating name, continues to create ways for teammates to be involved in the Laurens’ community, something every teammate enjoys.

A connection the Laurens team created early on was with the local first responders and law enforcement, especially to say thank you for all they do daily for our community. Though 2020 has changed the way our teammates are able to serve locally, they have found ways to so safely and with the same service-oriented heart.

Supporting a Customer

Some of our teammates took a Saturday morning to help an elderly customer with yardwork they were unable to do. The lawn was mowed, tree limbs were cleared, the yard was picked up, and our team was able to honor and support our customer in this small way they were thankful to be a part of.

First Responder Cookout

Our Piedmont teams’ partnership with the Laurens first responders continued this month with another First Responder Lunch, but this time drive-by style! This was a fun day of celebration, involvement, and connecting with our first responders with a Chick-Fil-A lunch. We enjoyed having our police officers and firefighters come by to pick up lunch and for our team to express our appreciation for their service and commitment to our extraordinary community.

First Responder, K9 Partnership

The Laurens team is thankful for the overall involvement with our first responders and the incredible people met throughout the years. There have been some special times our Laurens’ team has been able to help one team, the K9s. Our Laurens office was able to host the Laurens Police Department K9 training dogs and use our office as training grounds for them. This might be the coolest thing our teammates have been able to participate in – it was incredible! One K9 stole the team’s hearts altogether, Kai. She is beautiful, energetic, and an honoree Laurens teammate. At 2019’s First Responder Cookout, our team sponsored a bullet proof vest for her to have. Thank you, Laurens PD, for allowing us to be of service to not only your team of first responders but also the K9s.

Being involved in the communities our teams live and work in daily is an honor and something our teammates enjoy, not only because of the small acts of kindness created, but also because of the opportunity to create even a small impact in the communities we love. Thank you to all our teammates for looking for ways to continue to be involved throughout a year that looks difficult for all.

Northwest GDT Teams Up with Birney Elementary Again for December’s Literatura Bilingual Family Literacy Program

Northwest GDT Teams Up with Birney Elementary Again for December’s Literatura Bilingual Family Literacy Program

The Northwest Family Literacy Program is something the Northwest Good Deed Team’s Co-Leaders, Kristen and Greg, worked hand in hand to create with local schools and teachers. It’s grown to be a program available to multiple schools around the area and is something the pair thoroughly enjoys being involved with each month.

Birney Elementary teamed up with the Northwest GDT to create the Literatura Bilingual Family Literacy Program for their elementary students to participate and be involved in. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety top of mind, the families and students have not been meeting in person. The two teams created a drive-thru format to still be able to provide the resources, books, fun, and sense of community while practicing social distancing guidelines!

Birney has continued to see a large turnout amongst their students, and December was another huge success. The GDT served over 100 families participating in the program a meal while they picked up their resource and activities packet. With the help of other GDT members, they were also able to film the book that each family was receiving in the December program in both Spanish and English for the families to enjoy!

The Literatura Family Literacy Program has grown in participation, with the Birney and Northwest teams hopeful to see this trend continue into the 2021 school year. The Program is hosted monthly, with new, unique activities created and handed out each time. The teams look forward to continuing the Literacy Program and growing it to serve more families in the future with Birney.

More information on the Literatura Family Literacy Program with Birney Elementary.


Tennessee Teammates Volunteer with Salvation Army to Support Local Community Locations

Tennessee Teammates Volunteer with Salvation Army to Support Local Community Locations

Our Northwest teammates in the Tennessee area were asked by the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors to ring the donation bells for the Salvation Army this year. Teammates George and Susan came together, 6 feet apart, to ring the bells outside of a local grocery store in the Nashville area to bring some holiday cheer to the patrons and raise donations for the local Salvation Army locations.

The Salvation Army’s red buckets and bell ringers have become somewhat of a staple during the holidays in our local communities as the volunteer ringers help raise funds that serve nearly 25 million people every year.

George and Susan took the “early” shift and rang the bell while greeting shoppers for two hours. They enjoyed volunteering together in a year that has changed how our teammates are able to give back. You can tell from the photo how much fun the two had! We are grateful for teammates like George and Susan who are still finding ways to serve their communities under the unique circumstances of 2020.

Sawyer Exterminating Supports Local Family with Holiday Gifts Donation

Sawyer Exterminating Supports Local Family with Holiday Gifts Donation

We love our Sawyer Family! Each year, the Sawyer team selects a local family to donate holiday gifts to so that family has presents to unwrap and enjoy on the Christmas holiday. The families chosen would typically be unable to provide a holiday gift to their children/family without the help of their community due to challenging times, so it is something that the Sawyer Exterminating Family truly enjoys coming together on every year.

This year, the team chose a local family that has four wonderful children. They got together as a team to wrap gifts they purchased for the family and then dropped them off prior to the holiday. The team’s Office Manager mentioned that they felt truly fortunate to be able to continue their tradition of giving gifts to a family during a year like 2020 which has been hard for many. Because Sawyer Exterminating was deemed an essential business during the pandemic, the team was grateful to be able to still donate gifts and serve a family in their community.

The team got together while wearing masks to wrap the gifts and dropped them off while maintaining social distancing guidelines. They plan to continue the tradition for years to come, as it is something each teammate looks forward to every year. We’re thankful for this team who serves others so well!

Piedmont Pest Control to Serve Laurens, SC with the Northwest Exterminating Name Moving Forward

Piedmont Pest Control to Serve Laurens, SC with the Northwest Exterminating Name Moving Forward

Northwest Exterminating has announced their Piedmont Pest Control brand is moving forward with the Northwest Exterminating name. Piedmont Pest Control has been serving the Laurens community for 30+ years and joined the Northwest Family in 2017, to continue being an extraordinary company creating extraordinary experiences.

Our Piedmont teammates are excited for this transition to the Northwest Exterminating name to continue our commitment to creating healthier environments and Customers for Life. The extraordinary teammates, services, prices, community involvement, and The Mouse are remaining exactly the same.

When asked about the upcoming transition to the Northwest Exterminating name, Laurens’ Service Center Manager, David Nelson said, “When Piedmont Pest chose to partner with Northwest Exterminating in 2017, we did so because Northwest held the same values on how both our internal and external customers should be treated.  Becoming a part of Northwest Exterminating has allowed us to continue offering a high level of service and offer total home protection solutions to our customers.  I am excited to begin operating as Northwest Exterminating and continue to put our customers first! Trust the Mouse!”

Piedmont Pest Control will begin operating with the Northwest Exterminating name in mid-December 2020. For more information about Northwest Exterminating or the services offered in the Laurens community, click here.



Barnes Exterminating will Serve Macon, GA Area with the Northwest Exterminating Name

Barnes Exterminating will Serve Macon, GA Area with the Northwest Exterminating Name

Barnes Exterminating joined the Northwest Exterminating Family in 2018 and has been a trusted Macon pest control company since 1981. Known for their honesty, integrity, and excellence in not only pest control but in their community, Barnes Exterminating will officially serve customers with the Northwest Exterminating name moving forward.

With service centers across the Southeast, Northwest continues to grow and provide each customer with green services and an extraordinary experience. With Barnes officially taking on the Northwest name, we celebrate both the accomplishments from the past while looking forward to growing to better serve our customers in the future.

“These past three years have flown by but have been an amazing experience,” Huey Hood, Macon Service Center’s Manager. “I am so proud to look back and see what we have been able to accomplish in the Macon community, and I take a lot of pride in the entire Macon team! We are excited to continue growing with Northwest!”

Now officially updating their name to Northwest Exterminating, Barnes will continue to serve the Macon community with same teammates, services, and care they have always had in the last 30 years.

Northwest Smyrna & Wildlife Teams Donate Sneakers & Books to Local Charities

Northwest Smyrna & Wildlife Teams Donate Sneakers & Books to Local Charities

In October, our Wildlife and Smyrna service centers joined each other to collect sneaker and book donations for a drive sponsored by Kids Care, Kindness in Doing Service Connecting and Respecting Everyone.  Kids Care was started by a mother daughter duo who wanted the world to know that kids do care and can make impactful differences.  

The sneakers and books our Wildlife and Smyrna teams graciously donated will be given to local nonprofits and charities including liveSAFE Resources in Marietta. Thank you to these two extraordinary teams; together they donated about 30 pairs of shoes and 40 books!  

The Good Deed Team has continued to seek opportunities to serve safely, and this Sneaker and Book DriveBy and Drop Off aligned with COVID protocols perfectly. We are grateful for Wildlife and Smyrna’s willingness to serve our communities. For more information on Kids Care and how you can further volunteer, visit their website.

Northwest Departments Drop Off Personalized Baskets to Gaines Park Residents

Northwest Departments Drop Off Personalized Baskets to Gaines Park Residents

The Northwest team has formed a partnership with the Gaines Park Senior Living community to help support the incredible residents who call Gaines home. COVID-19 has been difficult on all, and with many unable to visit their family during this time, Northwest corporate, commercial, and training departments wanted to get together to bring a bit of joy to the day of some of the residents.

What started as a mission to create 12 baskets resulted in 24 baskets being created and dropped off to the residents! Below are three that were created by teammates intentionally for a chosen resident.

Resident: Evelyn | Teammate: Paige

Paige from the Northwest Accounting team chose Ms. Evelyn because of their similar interest. Evelyn mentioned a love for bird watching and peanut butter crackers, and as Paige puts it, “We’re kindred spirits I guess.” Paige took the time to handmake a beaded suncatcher for Evelyn to hang in her window and a blanket. She also included some of her favorites: M&M’s and Peanut Butter Crackers.

Evelyn never expected anyone to take the time to do something like this for her! Paige took joy in including everything she was able to within her basket. We are thankful for teammates like Paige who value others well.

Resident: Mr. McNeely | Teammates: Garry & Jim

Wanting to honor a Veteran due to their close military family ties, teammates Garry and Jim chose Gaines Resident Mr. McNeely. He was a Tail Gunner during WW2! Garry and Jim wanted to put together something special as a way to say thank you for his service to our country.

The pair included memorabilia items, candy, a blanket, and other items focused on comfort in their Air Force themed basket.  The only goal for Garry and Jim was to honor this Veteran the best way they could and hopefully bring a smile to his face. We’re thankful for this pair serving others well!

Resident: Gail | Teammates: Carol & Linda

When Northwest teammates Carol and Linda paired up to create a basket, they immediately noticed Gaines Resident Gail because of her hobby with Bible studies and devotional books. The two set out to create a basket that fit Ms. Gail’s likes and hobbies to let her know we were thinking about her!

After noting her favorite color as teal, the pair included a teal devotional book, a bookmark, and matching pens! They also included her favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids! Carol mentioned it was fun to go shopping safely for these and a few other fun items specific for Gail! “I can only imagine how the residents are feeling not being able to go out at all right now. We really enjoyed shopping for her,” said Carol.


We are so thankful for this team that when asked to help, they go above the call. With 24 baskets delivered to the Gaines Residents, the team is hoping to remain involved the best we can while staying safe and listening to the regulations necessary to keep the residents healthy!

The baskets were dropped off with a member of the staff who also wrote a kind letter back to the Northwest team about how much the residents appreciated the gifts. Thank you, Gaines Park, for allowing us to bring some smiles during 2020.

Northwest Team Creates Unique Baskets for Senior Living Residents Amid Pandemic

Northwest Team Creates Unique Baskets for Senior Living Residents Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on most and brought changes for all. The Northwest Family loves to be involved with our community partners as much as possible, and we’ve had to get creative with the changes this year.

With an inspired idea from Jenna on the Northwest Accounting team, some Northwest Good Deed teammates got together to create customized baskets for the Gaines Park Senior Living residents. Teammates chose residents from a list and were provided details about some of their favorite things: color, flowers, snacks, etc. That way, each resident could receive a fun, unique baskets full of their preferred things!

The baskets were meant to show that we’re thinking about these seniors! Though we cannot visit the residents at this time as we usually like to, creating baskets for the seniors was a fun opportunity to be involved, and a small way we could support them.

Only a small number of baskets have been delivered so far! The others will be delivered at the end of the month. We can’t thank the staff at Gaines Park enough for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate these seniors and bring a bit a joy into their day. Also, a big thank you to our Northwest team for joining in on the opportunity and wanting to help any way they could!


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