And the Best Costume Goes to…

And the Best Costume Goes to…

This October, our Northwest teammates outdid themselves with the costumes selected! From Mario Kart to Mean Girls and M&M’s to Crayola Crayons, the costumes were creative, fun, and innovative. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Our Buford office brought everyone’s favorite game to life as the characters of Mario Kart! Who do you think wins the race out of this bunch?

Northwest Exterminating Buford


Our Lawrenceville office took “What’s your favorite color?” to the next level as Crayola Crayons! You can even spot our Service Center Manager getting in on the fun!

Northwest Exterminating Lawrenceville


A classic candy favorite, the Chattanooga office dressed up as M&M’s this year. They even had a surprise visit from a unicorn!

Jody Millard Pest Control Chattanooga


M-O-U-S-E! Our Tucker office had a game of Scrabble going with them as the pieces.

Northwest Exterminating Tucker

These are only a few of the creative ideas that came to life this year! Other costumes included Pokémon characters, classic witches, the 3 blind mice, and even some emojis.

What was great to see was the number of teammate group costumes that were put together.  We know we’re lucky to have teammates who enjoy not only working together but also celebrating together! We can’t wait to see what type of ideas spring up next year!

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