Helpful Spiders!

Helpful Spiders!

When we see a spider, many of us will run away or immediately call the local pest control company to remove them! Certainly spiders are not the most popular of pests, but some are beneficial to us. While we can agree that we don’t want these pests inside our home, it’s important to know the impact they can have on our environment. Here are some spiders that are actually beneficial to have around! 

Crevice Spiders 

Light to dark brown in color, these spiders are often mistaken for the brown recluse spider. The difference, however, is that the crevice spider does not have the signature violin shape marking that the brown recluse has. These spiders can be found in corners and crevices (where they get their name), especially in areas like ceiling corners, baseboards, and window frames. While these spiders are not venomous, they will bite if they feel threatened. This is very rare, though. The crevice spider is beneficial to humans as they will typically eat common household pests like flies, roaches, beetles, and wasps. This spider can be considered a “free” exterminator

Yellow Garden Spider 

The yellow garden spider likes to be outdoors in sunny areas. They will spin large circular webs and anchor them to plants. Females are black with bright yellow patches on their abdomens while the males are much smaller with less yellow on their abdomen. These spiders don’t pose a threat to humans; they do, however, produce venom that is harmless to humans. The venom they produce helps them to immobilize prey such as flies, bees, and other flying insects. These spiders are perfect for helping keep these flying pest populations from getting into your home! 

Lynx Spider 

Like a plant leaf, this spider has bright green coloring and can sometimes have orange and black dots on their legs. The lynx spider is known for its quick movements, often jumping large distances to capture their prey. These spiders are found in open fields, especially those with tall grass. While they bite only for defensive purposes, they don’t pose a threat to humans. These spiders are extremely useful in agricultural management as they will eat crop-destroying pests like nectarine insects, helping protect crops from destruction. 

While it’s nice to have some helpful spiders outside of the house, that doesn’t mean we want them on the inside. If you notice one of these spiders frequenting your home, reach out to your local pest control company who can safely eliminate them and recommend a prevention plan.  

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