3 New Cockroach Species Discovered


NBCNews.com has reported that researchers found three new cockroaches to add to a list of more than 4,000 living species in the world. These yellow-bodied creatures are the first of the genus Pseudophoraspism to be found in China.

In the United States, there are about 70 cockroach species, with German cockroaches being the most common.

Experts at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) encourage homeowners to practice good sanitation to prevent a cockroach infestation. Specifically, people should keep garbage in sealed containers, check under appliances and sinks for moisture, properly ventilate crawl spaces and seal cracks around the outside of the home.

– http://www.pestworld.org/news-and-views/pest-news/news/three-new-cockroach-species-discovered/

For more information on common cockroaches found in the US, visit out PEST ID page by clicking HERE.


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