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What Kind of Snake is That?

Common Snakes in the South: Identification, Threats & Snake Control Tips   Eastern Kingsnakes What do they look like? Large snakes, usually 3-4 feet long Shiny black color with white or yellow bands Short, blunt snout and rectangular looking head...
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Summer Snakes & How to Prevent Them

It’s officially summer! While outside enjoying the warm weather, beware. Snakes are also active this time of year, soaking up the sunshine and in search of abundant food sources – around rocks, in gardens, on stone patios, around brush & vegetation, or even...
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6 Ways to Keep Snakes Away From Your Home

The weather is warm and the snakes are out. Here are 6 ways that you can reduce your risk of a snake encounter, and keep snakes away from your home. 1. Use a snake repellant Some home remedies like moth balls...
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How to Cope with Snakes

Beware of Snakes While Still Enjoying Your Summer By: Katherine King The weather is starting to warm up nicely, making a lot of us want to be outside to soak up the sun. We aren’t the only ones enjoying the...
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Where Are the Snakes Coming From?

As some may have noticed, snakes are showing up everywhere. Why? Simple, the seasons are changing from cold to warm.  Snakes are cold-blooded and require sun light for heat. This time of year also starts breeding season for snakes.Want to...
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Bugs and Your Health

The early spring has brought pests out in full force and we suspect that they will not be slowing down anytime soon.  Not only are bugs annoying but they’re a health concern as well. West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, dog heartworm...
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Calling All Realtors!

Did you know that Northwest Exterminating offers Continuing Education classes for Georgia Realtors?  We offer 7 classes that earn agents 3 credit hours.  Not only do we offer the CE classes but we come to you!!  Our Realtor Team can...
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