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Posts tagged with: summer pest prevention

  • Link to Does The Weather Affect Pests?
No matter what season it is, pests will always be in search of 2 things: shelter and food. One place that provides both of these is your home! Pests are influenced by the seasons so their threats change as the...
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  • Link to Summertime Pest: Ants
Ants are the most common household pest in the United States, especially during the summer months. As the weather warms up ants come indoors in search of food and water. While most ants are harmless, a few of them can...
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  • Link to 9 Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Fun From Pests
One of the perks of summer is spending more time doing what we enjoy outdoors – barbecues, picnics, gardening anyone? But, you know that all of these fun activities come with another risk – pests! Nothing ruins a picnic faster...
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  • Link to What Could Come Home with your Summer Camper?
As school winds down, your summer camp prep is ramping up. As you go through lists and double check that you have everything your kiddos will need to have the best summer, take precautions to make sure they don’t bring...
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  • Link to Don’t Let Pests Crash Your Summer Party!
With the last day of school, graduation ceremonies, and Memorial Day quickly approaching, you’re probably feeling the pressure to get your outdoor area ready for all the festivities. Not only are you concerned about the look of your lawn and...
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  • Gloved hand spraying insecticide on some bugs
While pests in the house are a year-round nuisance here in the South, certain bugs are more active in warmer months. If you own or rent a home or apartment, you’re likely to come across one or all of these 5 summer...
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