Varied Carpet Beetle

Recent calls have led our technicians out to homes to find the varied carpet beetle.  The varied carpet beetle is a common household pest found throughout the US.

Carpet beetles feed on natural fibers that can be found in upholstery or clothing, carpet, insect carcasses, and animal parts such as furs, hair, etc.  Most carpets are made of synthetic fabrics and are not of concern.  It is the natural fibers, like wool, that carpet beetles feed on.  The varied carpet beetle enters the home in search of these food items and often cause damage.  They can be found in attics, carpets, and curtains in search of the food items above.

To avoid varied carpet beetles, store clothing in plastic containers and dry clean clothing thoroughly before storing for long periods of time.

Treatment options:

  • Treat their preferred feeding sites: closets, rugs, under beds and furniture
  • Remove their food sources such as winter clothing
  • Launder or dry clean clothing to remove any eggs or larvae
  • Call your local pest control operator for effective treatment

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  1. Joanne Waits says:

    I would like to let you know that the following technicians do an excellent job in serving the public:
    Mike Manning – Termite Control & Pest Control
    Brent Little – Lawncare

    The are both very professional as well as caring and concerned about their customers.

    Thanks, Joanne Waits 706 367 4242

    • Thank you so much for letting us know that!! We think they’re great but it’s always nice to know that our customers think they are great too. Thankas Joanne!!

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