You’ve heard about bed bugs in hotels and homes but have you stopped to think about your kid’s dorm room?  Dorm rooms have long been a cause of infestation in the family home.  When a college student returns home from school with their laundry and belongings, there is a chance they are bringing home some unwanted house guests as well.  This can lead to an infestation in the home.

There are ways that your college student can check for signs of bed bugs when returning to their dorm.  Look for dark red or brown wingless insects.  Check for black, brown or brownish red marks on the mattress (be sure to check seams of mattress thoroughly), sheets, box springs, curtains, corners, headboards and bed rails. 

The good news is that bed bugs do not spread diseases.  However, they do bite which causes itchy red marks on the body.

If you or your child suspect bed bugs in their dorm, contact the RA immediately so they can contact a professional exterminating company such as Northwest Exterminating, to quickly and effectively get rid of these pests.

What to do while waiting on pest control company:

  • Leave furniture and clothing in the dorm room so as not to spread the infestation.
  • Vacuum and clean the entire room.  Pay close attention to cracks and crevices.
  • Clean bed frame, including baseboard and headboard, with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and hot water.
  • Use bed bug proof cover for your mattress, box spring and pillows.

Tips to avoid bringing bed bugs into dorm:

  • Thoroughly examine any furniture you plan to bring into the dorm room.
  • Use a luggage rack instead of putting luggage on the floor.
  • Inspect luggage, clothes and other belongings before leaving to go off to school.
  • Seal shoes, linens and clothing in plastic bags so if there are any bed bugs they can not escape.
  • Wash laundry in hot water and dry on high heat when you get to dorm.

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