When you live in multi-unit housing, such as an apartment, condo or town home,  it is difficult to protect your home from termites when your neighbor does not have termite protection.  That is why it is so important that your community’s HOA offers termite protection for you and your neighbors.

Termites come from underground which means that they can enter your neighbor’s home and travel into your home.  Maintaining a blanket warranty in your community will protect each unit from the threat of termites ensuring peace of mind for the entire community.

A blanket termite warranty can be beneficial when a unit is being sold.  It is difficult to obtain a repair warranty on an attached home when being sold.  With a blanket termite warranty, the repair warranty can be transferred to the new buyer.  This gives peace of mind knowing that just because your neighbor moved, the termite warranty is still valid and your home is still protected.

Blanket renewals save the home owners money on their termite warranties.  The cost of a blanket renewal is usually half the cost of an individual repair warranty.

Termite Warranty Tips:

  • All termite warranties are not created equal.  Look around at the different termite warranties for what works best for your community.
  • Always read the Terms and Conditions of your warranty and know what is covered.
  • A repair warranty is not the same as a retreat warranty.
  • Always verify the amount of coverage you have under your warranty.
  • Is previous infestation covered if you change termite companies?
  • Research the termite company that carries your warranty.  How long have they been in business?  Check their references.  How do they rank in customer service?


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