Attic Before TAP

This past summer we experienced extreme heat in Atlanta. The rising temperatures not only put a strain on our bodies and outdoor activities but it also put a strain on our energy bills as well. I have been in my home for 8 years and this summer was the highest my energy bill has ever been in the summertime. And if last year’s winter was any indication of how bitter the winter will be…then we’re in for another cold one in the coming season. Luckily, Northwest Exterminating provides a solution to the rising energy bills due to the extreme temperatures we’ve recently faced in the summer and winter times. Northwest offers attic insulation that not only lowers your energy bills but protects your home from pests as well.


Attic After TAP

TAP Insulation, or Energy Star Insulation, is a loose-fill cellulose insulation that is put into your attic. The insulation is made of 87% recycled newsprint which makes it one of Northwest’s GREEN services. TAP is the only pest control product on the market that carries an Energy Star Rating. The insulation allows you to reduce your heating and cooling bills up to 38% by keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year round. Besides the energy savings and pest protection it also provides sound barrier qualities.

If you’d like to read more about how to insulate an attic with TAP Insulation call Northwest Exterminating at 888.466.7849 or visit us ONLINE.

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