close-up of an ant crawling on a wood floorThe southern part of the United States is home to more than 100 ant species.  Georgia is among the states that has a particularly tough time with ants due to the many species that dwell in our region.  Our diverse climate aids in the relocation of many invasive ant species because we have both tropical and temperate northern climates available.

When you call your exterminator to get rid of ants, you want to know that they are really researching the issue and not just spraying.  Northwest takes a IPM approach to managing pest programs.  The first step is identifying the issue, in the case, ants.

 Steps to identifying ants:

  1. Analyze the coloration of the ant.  For example: house ants range in colors from yellow to black; black ants are dark brown to black; thief ants are yellow to light brown; pharaoh ants are light yellow to a reddish brown with black markings on the abdomen; and carpenter ants are red or black.
  2. Look at the size of the ant body.  Many ants we commonly see range in size from 1/16″ to 1/2″ or larger.  Many species will have several different sizes within the nest.
  3. Take notice to where the ants build their nest.  In damaged wood, in oil, in a wall void, etc.
  4. Examine the type of food the ant eats.  Most house ants are attracted to sweet foods left behind in trash, on counters, etc.
  5. Analyze the ants’ behavior.  Some house ants, such as Argentine and carpenter ants, are more aggressive than others.  Do the ants travel in a line or are they more separate in their trails?

Are you having a problem with ants?  If so, call Northwest Exterminating today or go online to fill out your FREE inspection form.

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