Termite season is here! You may be seeing many ads for termite protection for your home, but you’ve gone years without termite protection. Is it even worth it?

Well, let’s look at the facts when it comes to termites and your home.

termite protection

While you may not notice any signs of termite damage in your home currently, that doesn’t mean there’s not a silent, ongoing termite infestation causing damage to the structural integrity of your home. By having your home inspected, you may be able to catch the damage before it’s too late or prevent damage from ever impacting your largest investment.

When you sign up for Northwest Termite Service, here is what you can expect:

  • Inspections of the property for signs of termites
  • Placement of Sentricon® stations containing Recruit® HD termite bait in the soil around the home
  • Once termites enter the station, the Recruit® HD termite bait is immediately available
  • Continued monitoring of Sentricon® stations as needed to protect against future invasion
  • Lifetime Termite Warranty

Don’t wait until you’re stuck with an insurmountable repair bill. Call (888) 466-7849 and set up a free termite inspection today!

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