Finding positive ways to make an impact and support our communities can come in unexpected ways at times. Every teammate at Northwest Exterminating is a member of the Good Deed Team and approaches each day with a servant’s heart. Sometimes, one service center or department’s efforts further helps another initiative the GDT is already assisting with, leading to an even better opportunity make a difference.

The Northwest IT Director, Matt, shared two gift cards with the GDT Leaders, Kristen and Greg, that the IT department received for recent system upgrades. Though they could have used the gift cards for other equipment, Matt and his team knew the gift cards could be better used to help through the Good Deed Team. Kristen and Greg utilized these gift cards to purchase diapers for a local school partner, purchasing over 600 diapers to donate. The diapers did not only go to the school families but to all families around that community who needed them!

Behind the scenes, the IT team has also been donating gently used IPADs to the Good Deed Team to be gifted to local school partners who mention the need. With school assignments being completed online, some families were having to utilize phones without a computer in the home. Once the donated devices were wiped clean, kids were able to complete their needed work on their very own device.

“One thing that I love about Northwest Exterminating is that everyone is part of the Good Deed Team. It’s not just a few people,” said Kristen, Co-Director of the Good Deed Team. “It’s a true testament to our Good Deed Mission of serving the community so that everyone will see the heart of Northwest.”

The Good Deed Team has continued to pour time and donations into our school partnerships as they knew the recent impact of COVID-19 resulted in a lot of changes not just for the students and families but also for the administration and teachers. They plan to continue to help the local community schools in any way they can while maintaining CDC guidelines.

We are very grateful for a team that works together to create positive impacts in our communities. Thank you to the Northwest IT Department and Good Deed Team for putting people first.

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