Monthly Archives: April 2011

60 Years!

  2011 is a big year for us at Northwest Exterminating.  We are celebrating 60 years of serving our customers.  Yes, that’s right…60 years!   60 years ago, in 1951, Northwest Exterminating was founded by L.A. Phillips and his wife,...
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Why is a Termite Letter so Important?

Buying and/or selling a home is a rewarding task…but can also be a stressful task.  Once you’ve found the home of your dreams you go through great length to ensure that it is up to code and everything is in...
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Did You Know???

Did You Know??? According to recent studies, bedbugs can live 3 or 4 months without food. They feed to gain protein for their next molt. Once they are an adult they can live several years, eating as little as...
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