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Attic Insulation – When More Is Better

The temperature is dropping in Georgia and your energy bills are raising.  Do you know the r-value of the insulation in your attic?  Probably not.  The Department of Energy recommends an r-value of 49 with a minimum of 30 in […]

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Steps to Identifying Ants

The southern part of the United States is home to more than 100 ant species.  Georgia is among the states that has a particularly tough time with ants due to the many species that dwell in our region.  Our diverse climate aids […]

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The Stuff Sci-Fis are Made Out Of

This sounds like the kind of stuff that sci-fi movies are made out of. Researchers have been working to outfit insects with tiny electronic sensors in hopes of creating insects that can be used in applications ranging from search and […]

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Pests 1/23/12 Edition

The Weird and Wonderful World of Pests Based on various sampling, the total number of insect species is between 15 and 30 million. Some female cockroaches are devoted mothers, carrying their offspring in little pouches like kangaroos. One species even […]

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Importance of a WDO

Having a home inspected for Wood Destroying Organisms is critical. Many homes in Georgia have a termite warranty, however this may or may not cover any damages caused by termites. A termite warranty does not protect you from the other […]

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What is IPM?

Northwest Exterminating uses an Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, approach to our pest control program, NorPest Green.  IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive way of treating pests using a common sense approach.  Using non-chemicals is the primary means of […]

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Why Do I Have Moths?

Moths are like the ugly step-sister of the butterfly.  With over 160,000 species of moths, you are probably most familiar with the Indian Meal Moth or the Clothes Moth.  The clothes moth effects only clothing and is a completely different […]

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Angie's List 2011 Super Service Award

Northwest Exterminating is extremely proud to announce that THREE of our service centers received the Angie’s List 2011 Super Service Award. The Super Service Award is given to only 5% of the companies on Angie’s List. These companies have exemplified superior service throughout the year.

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East Cobb Grand Opening

Join us on Tuesday, January 10th for the GRAND OPENING of our East Cobb service center.

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the residents and businesses in the East Cobb community. We invite you to tour our new facilities and join us for lunch, door prizes, and a ribbon cutting.

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Northwest Exterminating is so glad to welcome 2012!! 2011 was one for the record books at Northwest! Here are just a FEW of the big things that happened in 2011:Celebrated 60 years of business Opened up new service centers in Columbus, Nashville, and East Cobb

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