• Long snout, full jaw
  • Females have a pouch for carrying young


  • Generally nocturnal, actively hunting for food at night
  • Eat both plants and animals diet consists of fruit, berries, insects, crayfish, small rodents, dead animal flesh, and human garbage
  • Breed from January to mid-summer, generally producing 2 litters a year
  • Litters consist of 3 to 25 babies and are born about 2 weeks after mating
  • At birth, the young crawl into the mother’s pouch they don’t leave her pouch until they are 70 to 80 days old
  • Adaptable animals they can successfully survive in residential and suburban areas


  • Will hiss or growl and show their 50 sharp teeth when frightened
  • Usually gentle and placid prefer to avoid all confrontations and wish to be left alone
  • Can cause damage and contamination if they enter your home (usually in attic)
  • As a defense mechanism, opossums will play possum by appearing and smelling like that of a dying or dead animal


  • Most homeowners’ insurance policies will pay to have the insulation cleaned out and replaced if damage and contamination occurs