Cicada Killer Bees


  • Cicada killer bees appear similar to a large yellow jacket

  • 1-1 5/8″ long

  • Black or rusty in color with yellow markings on first 3 abdominal segments


  • Solitary; do not live in colonies or nests

  • Nest in areas of bare ground

  • Females dig burrows 1/2″ in diameter and can extend 10″ deep

  • Females feed on cicadas (insect)

  • Emerge from burrows in Summer, usually July or August

  • There can be many burrows in a small area


  • Soil from burrows can be unsightly

  • Holes may be apparent in the lawn where burrows have been established

  • Very low potential for stings, only sting if handled. Males cannot sting

  • Stings may be life threatening to sensitive individuals


  • A product may be applied to the area where the cicada killers are digging burrows

  • Eliminate bare ground areas to make it less appealing to them

  • Cicada killers are beneficial insects and are therefore only controlled when absolutely necessary


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