Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles will commonly infest bird and rodent nests after the occupants have left.



  • Carpet beetles are usually first noticed as a small, fuzzy, larvae (2-3 mm) in the fall and winter months


  • Carpet beetle larvae feeds on any natural fibers: fur, feathers, wool, and silk

  • Adults are usually seen in the spring months during the heaviest days of pollen production

  • Adults feed on pollen and enter homes in search of suitable food sources for their offspring


  • Most common objects attacked are by carpet beetles are rugs and winter clothing

  • Homeowners may notice small holes in their clothing when the articles are pulled out of storage

  • Rugs comprised of natural fibers will have furrows or frayed edges where the larvae of eaten through the material


  • Treat carpet beetles’ preferred feeding sites: closets, rugs, under beds and furniture

  • Remove food sources such as winter clothing

  • Launder or dry clean clothing to remove any eggs or larvae


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