Mosquitoes transmit malaria throughout the world. Over 500 million people contract malaria each year and over 2 billion people carry the malaria parasite.


  • Small biting flies, with slender bodies and long beaks used to penetrate the skin
  • Usually with black, white, or gray markings along the legs and body
  • 2 wings that are long and narrow


  • Breed in still, stagnant water
  • Can be found in almost every type of landscape on earth except deserts and the arctic


  • Can transmit a range of diseases through their bite
  • Most forms of encephalitis are borne by mosquitoes


  • Professional inspection and treatment is essential
  • Must be dealt with at the breeding site
  • Areas with stagnant water must be drained or treated with an IGR (IGRs will kill mosquitoes before they become adults)
  • Adult mosquitoes can be dealt with via a residual spray applied to their daylight hiding places
  • Ongoing maintenance throughout the mosquito season is critical April through October in Georgia