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  • Link to Make Checking The Bed Bug Registry Part of Your Spring Break Plans
With the increase in travel during the upcoming Spring Break season, the incidence of bed bugs will be on the rise. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of; notorious hitchhikers that can travel with ease from place to place....
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  • Link to 5 Ways to Avoid Bed Bugs For The Holidays
For many of us, the holiday season is a time of joy. It is also a time for travel as we look forward to spending time with family and friends. One thing that can damper our holiday season is dealing...
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  • Hotel room with the text: Is your hotel on the bed bug registry
Before making spring break or summer travel plans, consider checking the bed bug registry to see if your hotel is on the list. The Bed Bug Registry is a website dedicated to reporting bed bug activity across the United States...
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